Sustainability Policy


At Omarama TOP10 we understand that our business and our activities have an impact on the environment in which we operate.
We recognise that we need to look at the impact our operations have on the environment and take steps to achieve sound environmental
We are committed to reviewing and improving our operations and their impact on the environment, continuously updating our practices accordingly.


-Booking confirmation are all done by email and the online booking system reduces the paper trail dramatically.
-Worn bath towels and mats are cut into squares, overlocked and used as cleaning rags
-Old TV’s recycled for use in kitchen and cabins and flat screens installed in the upgraded units
-Built a small worm farm to be used by staff to to learn how to manage a wormfarm effectively.
-Empty 20 litre chemical containers returned to supplier ECOLAB for reuse.
-We use soap dispensers instead of packaged soap and shampoo.
-Aluminium cans, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard is all collected in recycle bins at two places in the park (see Park map) and collected daily for recycling
-We have minimized office consumables such as; used paper is recycled or reused on the other side, introduced 100 %recycled paper used for all printing, toner cartridge recycling and refilling through Cartridge World.
-We have implemented the correct sanitary waste receptacles, also helps toward reducing waste down the drains.
-Eco-friendly toilet paper and tissues
-Eco-bags (recyclable, biodegradable and reusable) used as rubbish bags for rubbish bins in units
-A designated dump station, for the safe disposal of toilet and grey water.


-Eco-bulbs are used in all lamps and lighting in the rooms where we can.
-Minimising the changing of linen, and therefore energy consumption and materials, is
encouraged by not offering daily room service, although it is available on request.
-Gas instant water heaters in all refurbished units no stored hot water
-We introduced for Cleaning Staff to check fridge seals and settings and ice forming in ice box on each cleaning.
-Closing off some showers and toilets in periods of low occupancy / saves on lighting, cleaning, gas and water usage. Surplus fridge/freezers in communal kitchen are switched off during off peak times
-The lint screens in the dryers are being cleaned every day by our staff using a vacuum cleaner.


-All staff commencing employment at Omarama Top10 Holiday Park will attend a 4 hour
induction training. Our commitment to environmental sustainability and our practices are
included in this session.


-Unclaimed (after 3 months) lost property, along with rejected bedding, linen and
bathrobes, is donated to the Salvation Army.
-Promoting sharing transport by displaying “Transport Yourself” card in the office
-Swap and exchange of reading books and magazines in our Communal Kitchen.
-We strive to upkeep the ecosystem in and around our pond area.
-We compost all our leaves and grass clippings are left on, to prevent the grass from drying out and return to soil as fertilizer
-A 10% Carbon Discount to all guests who travel NZ on a bicycle.
-By regulating laundry detergent through dispensers we minimize pollution of our waterways


-Supporting the local First Response Trust
-Support the local Merino Shears Festival on an annual base.
-Cardboard (backs of park map) donated to local Playgroup.
-Sell Cadbury Chocolate as a fundraiser for the Omarama School
-Through our reception and kitchen and in room compendiums we have provided information on Omarama and Mckenzie Country’s natural environment.


-Omarama TOP10 Holiday Park is committed to providing its guests, associates and employees with a completely smoke-free environment.